10 Things I CANNOT Live Without…

1) My family & friends- They are always there to help me and i enjoy having their company.  

                                            Image     imgres-11

2) FOOD!!!- There is no way anyone can survive without food… especially ME!!!                                                Image

3) Sports- I need to get my athletic side running. Time to get fit!!!                                                         Image

4) Nature- Who wouldn’t live without nature??? Everybody needs to breathe!!! 9 There are lots of other stuff nature does for us too… not only breathe.)

Image      Image

5) My Memories- Who would want to forget how their childhood was?? I would be nothing without them!!  


6) Electronics- Without that, I wouldn’t be able to watch T.V., play videogames, go on the the computer,etc. Life would be… BLAH without it!!!

images imgres

7) School- I would not know ANYTHING and i would pretty much be known as Patrick.                                             images

8)Music- I simply put on the music, and i dance to it. I get REALLY bored when i don’t listen to music. It kind of settles the mood.


9)Games- Like if you get real bored, it’s just best to play some games, right???

imgres             images

10) And lastly…. ME!!! 🙂 – What??? It’s true!!! I cannot live without myself. ( And my awesomeness and coolness.)


These are just some random things i would never be able to live without. Soooo….. ya.


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