3 Things That I do That my Family Doesn’t

1) Listen to music Almost ALL THE TIME!!!- I love listening to the songs they are always upbeat and just make me dance. My family likes to listen to music too, but not as much as i do.

imgres-12               imgres-13

2) Watch t.v. shows- Can’t find me??? I would always be sitting in front of my t.v., watching one of my shows. I ask my brother if he wants to watch with me, but he is busy playing with his toys.  My whole family is busy so I watch on my own.

imgres-15                                               imgres-14

3) Stand Around and Stare- Usually, I’m really bored and don’t know what to do. So I just  stand at a random spot and stare at a random place. My family is always on the move ( well, except for my brother.) They don’t stand around and stare.  When I stare, I feel I’m getting hypnotized.

imgres-17                 imgres-16

These are thing that I do, but my family doesn’t. We all are different, and we have different tastes… right???


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