2 Vacation Spots I Would Like to go to!!!

1) My first vacation spot I would like to go to is Italy!! It would be really cool to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Also, I would like to see Venice while it lasts. I could visit lots of places. There could be some games going on like a race or something that I could watch!!

imgres-18        imgres-19           search

2)  My second one ,( and possibly last one), I would go to the beach. It’s like the most relaxing place. I love being in the water and the waves pushing us. The sand is warm and we can do lots of stuff over there. Also, there are funnel cakes which are DELISH!!!

imgres-22    imgres-21                                                                      imgres-20

These are some spots that I would like to go on my vacation. You should try going to these places too. Who knows?? It might be fun!!! 🙂


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