How I would survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Alright I know just by looking at the title you think I’m joking around. But if there really was a zombie apocalypse, You would want to know what to do… right??

This is exactly like Poptropica, in Zomberry Island where zombies attacked the whole city. Well I would bring a survival kit, baseball bat, food, body gear, knives, etc. I would probably also learn how to drive while I can and crush them over. I would need a book about zombies because all I know about them is that they moan a lot and that they go around eating people’s brains, ( Well, that’s only in movies.) All I know is that I would probably survive if I was hiding somewhere that they would never find me. But they are probaly going to around each block, each corner, each house, etc.  Maybe, if I was lucky I could try to escape the area and go hide in the woods. I would have to use my survival skills. If they come and attack me in the woods… well… I guess that would be the end of my life. Sadly.But if i was alive I could call the Fire Department,( If they already weren’t attacked), and maybe they could shoot water at them!! If that didn’t work, it would be lots of booms and gunshots. They would HAVE to die then. This would all happen if I was alive. My awesomeness will have been shown to the world!!! 🙂 🙂

imgres-23      imgres-25     imgres-26 imgres-28     imgres-27

Well, this is what i would do if a zombie apocalypse happened. You better be thinking fast guys, or they might come back to attack you. Mua ha ha!!!! >:) :0

( just so you know…if this really happened, I would not survive. My story would be the end. 😦 )


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