Scavenger Hunt Post!!!

Alright so I’m just going to write a lot of random things for my scavenger hunt post. So here we go!!!

1) Things that can shatter- Actually, lots of things can shatter, and they are REALLY fragile. Things like cups, antiques, glass, etc.


2) Somebody close to me that I think should be *FAMOUS*- I think that my mom should be famous because she is really funny, she makes lots of jokes and makes me laugh real hard.


3) A famous person that I don’t like- JUSTIN BIEBER. I have nothing to say about him because he’s really annoying . Period.


4) Something that is against the law- BULLYING.


5) Something that is ugly- Scat. It lies all around the woods and sometimes when people walk their dogs the owners sometimes forget to pick it up!!! GROOOSSSS!!!


6) A natural disaster I would like to be in- I would like to be in a snowstorm because it’s a storm but also cool at the same time because then we can play in the snow!!!


7) Something I can’t touch in my house- I absolutely CANNOT touch all the antiques. Since they are so fragile I might break them.


8) Something I want to do- I REALLY want to ride the KING DA KA. But the thing is……. I’M AFRAID OF HEIGHTS!!! Crazy right?? You must be thinking, why would I want to ride the fastest and highest roller coaster if I’m afraid of heights???


9) 3 movies that I watched OVER AND OVER again- Food Boy, The Lorax, and Standing Ovation.


10) What I like to do after school ALONE- Listen to songs and watch t.v., ( But not at the same time of course!!!)                                                                        

imgres-49                imgres-48

11)My FAVORITE color- PURPLE!!!! It’s an awesome color.


12) A place I go to a lot that is BORING- I don’t know… School??? I go to lots of places that are fun, not boring.


13) Person I cannot live without_ Does it really have to be a person??? I would have said my whole family but I have to write one.:( 😦 Well, I would say it is my mom. She’s like my superhero!!! Moms RULE!!! ( So do dads and siblings.)


14) Something you can’t wait to leave school to do- I don’t know. Maybe homework?? Yeah, homework!!! I like to be free at home so it would be cool to finish homework at school.

15) One thing that I would eat if I was stranded on an island- PIZZA!!! THAT’S LIKE MY FAVORITE FOOD OF ALL TIMES!!! I don’t know HOW I would live without pizza. YUM!!! 🙂


So like I said these are just random questions that I had to answer. Thanks for reading!!! 🙂 🙂


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