An Ideal First day of School

My ideal first day of school would be great and perfect. I would wake up in the morning and have a big breakfast.I would get ready  and be ready for the bus just in time. Inside the bus we would have ice pops on the way to school. Once we reach school, inside our lockers there will be tickets to a movie and some ice cream. At each of our classes we would have a 10 minute lesson and then the teacher would let us do whatever we want for the rest of the period.   Then before lunch starts, We would have time to decorate our lockers. Mine would be covered with fur coating with magnetic stars attached to the side.

imgres-68         imgres-69

  After lunch we would have some free time in the gym.  I would go and chat with my friends or i would play basketball with them. We would go to our classes after that. The principal would call us to the auditorium to tell us that we are going to have an ice cream party right there. After we ate the ice cream, we would go swing on the ropes in the auxilary gym, ( since we are so hyper and crazy.)

imgres-70                    imgres-71

Instead of going home again on the bus, we would be able to walk over to Pierre’s or Rasoi to have a snack. Our parents would then pick us up from there. I would go home and then snuggle in my bed to sleep for a while. When I wake up, we would go for dinner in Chipotle. Once we came back, we would watch a movie. After the movie I would finally go to  sleep .


This was my ideal first day of school. I really wish that could happen. But who cares??? My first day of school is always great!! 🙂 🙂


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