7 Funny Laws From Different States

I thought it would be funny to write a post about some funny laws around the U.S.A. It might crack you up.

 1. Florida- You can’t fart in public after 6 p.m. Seriously??? I don’t know how they stand it!!!


2. New York- You can’t throw the ball at somebody’s head for fun. We do that all the time here!! How are they even going to play???


3. California- You can only throw a frisbee in the beach of Los Angeles with the lifeguard’s permission. I’m never going there now!!


4. Virginia- Kids cannot go trick- or-treating on Halloween. This is SO not fair!!!


5. Nevada- It’s offensive to wear a tattoo. This is so weird…


6.Texas- You can’t take three sips of beer while standing. it’s illegal. Well it’s not like I do!!!


7. And last but not least… New Jersey!!!- You can’t frown at a Police Officer. 😦 So???


So these are some funny laws that I heard of at this site called http://www.dumblaws.com. These sure are laws that cracked me up!!! Hope they did to you too!!!


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