A Person I Find Inspirational

I have lots of inspirational people. But there is one person that inspires me the most. MY MOM!!!!

She makes me laugh a lot and she is really organized. She keeps our rooms clean and she makes every thing easy to find.She acts smart and makes really good choices. She takes really good care of me and she is SUPER nice. She lets us do whatever we want when we finish our work.She gives me anything I want and she always listens to me.  Even now , when I don’t ask her for anything, she still gives me stuff that are awesome :).My mom always likes to finish things up as soon as possible. like my projects for school, or sometimes we have work to do at home.


My mom likes everything to be  to be nice and clean or spick- and-span. Whenever I get home from camp or school, everything is really clean. there’s not a speck of dirt on the floor. When we have to leave early in the morning and I don’t get time to clean up my room, my mom always does it. She’s so kind… and really should take a break once in a while. When we try helping her, she says we should go rest and watch t.v. since we did so much work. When my mom starts cleaning, she’s like a vacuum that never stops until everything is nice and clean. 🙂 🙂


MY MOM IS AN AWESOME CHEF!!!! She has a great taste in indian food. Whenever she cooks, the air always smells so good. The food always tastes delish and we always ask for seconds. My mom cooks lots of other foods too like noodles, shrimp, chicken, etc. All of her food is delicious. There has never been a time that her food has tastes terrible. My whole family says that she should be a chef. But she only wants to share her cooking with us. 🙂 🙂


She is also VERY artistic. She used to be a teacher for little kids and she had to draw sceneries and pictures for her class. She draws all of them so good!!! And she doesn’t even start in pencil, she goes straight to sharpie. I wish I could draw like her!!! She draws everything with detail and makes it look so bright and colorful!!!!


I love my mom no matter what, and she is the MOST inspirational person I’ve ever met. ❤            

     imgres-67                        imgres-63


An Unusual Sport…

There are great sports and bad sports, and some disgusting sports, but i thought maybe this time, we should see an unusual sport. Crazy right??

When I was small I used to love playing tennis. I used to be an expert. Now, I don’t really like tennis that much, but I thought this sport was weird: underwater tennis. I mean what’s that about??? I can’t stay underwater for that long!!!! Also, I think that they probably don’t even finish 4 rallies before they start to lose their breath. 

imgres-59         imgres-60

Maybe, I’ll go and try this sport at home. You should too. Who knows?? Maybe, we will be able to do it!!!!

The Strongest Superhero ( In My Opinion)

This post is going to be about what superhero think is the strongest. I know there are lots of them, but I picked Spiderman HE can do lots of things……

Okay, I’m not really that good at superheroes. You can ask my brother, but please, NEVER ME!!! All I know about him is that he got bitten by a spider and that’s how he turned into Spiderman. He can shoot webs from his fingers wich is really cool. He has really deadly villians in his area. I think that some of his friends know that he is Spiderman.

imgres-58            imgres-57

This is Spiderman’s theme song:

Well thanks for listening to me about Spiderman!!!! Hey… Right now, I’m trying to think of YOUR  favorite superhero!!!

If I Could Change a One Thing in a Movie… WHAT Would it Be???

I know lots of people like watching movies. I do too. But sometimes, I want to change a few things. Like this movie I watched, called Standing Ovation was a really good movie. But I didn’t like a few parts in it.

1)   There was one part where they showed the part where the Wiggies were dancing. I really didn’t think that part  was so important.


2) I also didn’t think the part where the girl Brittany was listening to her brother’s song. Nothing important was going on in there.

Well I really don’t have much since the movie was really awesome. You should check it out!!!

Scavenger Hunt Post!!!

Alright so I’m just going to write a lot of random things for my scavenger hunt post. So here we go!!!

1) Things that can shatter- Actually, lots of things can shatter, and they are REALLY fragile. Things like cups, antiques, glass, etc.


2) Somebody close to me that I think should be *FAMOUS*- I think that my mom should be famous because she is really funny, she makes lots of jokes and makes me laugh real hard.


3) A famous person that I don’t like- JUSTIN BIEBER. I have nothing to say about him because he’s really annoying . Period.


4) Something that is against the law- BULLYING.


5) Something that is ugly- Scat. It lies all around the woods and sometimes when people walk their dogs the owners sometimes forget to pick it up!!! GROOOSSSS!!!


6) A natural disaster I would like to be in- I would like to be in a snowstorm because it’s a storm but also cool at the same time because then we can play in the snow!!!


7) Something I can’t touch in my house- I absolutely CANNOT touch all the antiques. Since they are so fragile I might break them.


8) Something I want to do- I REALLY want to ride the KING DA KA. But the thing is……. I’M AFRAID OF HEIGHTS!!! Crazy right?? You must be thinking, why would I want to ride the fastest and highest roller coaster if I’m afraid of heights???


9) 3 movies that I watched OVER AND OVER again- Food Boy, The Lorax, and Standing Ovation.


10) What I like to do after school ALONE- Listen to songs and watch t.v., ( But not at the same time of course!!!)                                                                        

imgres-49                imgres-48

11)My FAVORITE color- PURPLE!!!! It’s an awesome color.


12) A place I go to a lot that is BORING- I don’t know… School??? I go to lots of places that are fun, not boring.


13) Person I cannot live without_ Does it really have to be a person??? I would have said my whole family but I have to write one.:( 😦 Well, I would say it is my mom. She’s like my superhero!!! Moms RULE!!! ( So do dads and siblings.)


14) Something you can’t wait to leave school to do- I don’t know. Maybe homework?? Yeah, homework!!! I like to be free at home so it would be cool to finish homework at school.

15) One thing that I would eat if I was stranded on an island- PIZZA!!! THAT’S LIKE MY FAVORITE FOOD OF ALL TIMES!!! I don’t know HOW I would live without pizza. YUM!!! 🙂


So like I said these are just random questions that I had to answer. Thanks for reading!!! 🙂 🙂

How I would survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Alright I know just by looking at the title you think I’m joking around. But if there really was a zombie apocalypse, You would want to know what to do… right??

This is exactly like Poptropica, in Zomberry Island where zombies attacked the whole city. Well I would bring a survival kit, baseball bat, food, body gear, knives, etc. I would probably also learn how to drive while I can and crush them over. I would need a book about zombies because all I know about them is that they moan a lot and that they go around eating people’s brains, ( Well, that’s only in movies.) All I know is that I would probably survive if I was hiding somewhere that they would never find me. But they are probaly going to around each block, each corner, each house, etc.  Maybe, if I was lucky I could try to escape the area and go hide in the woods. I would have to use my survival skills. If they come and attack me in the woods… well… I guess that would be the end of my life. Sadly.But if i was alive I could call the Fire Department,( If they already weren’t attacked), and maybe they could shoot water at them!! If that didn’t work, it would be lots of booms and gunshots. They would HAVE to die then. This would all happen if I was alive. My awesomeness will have been shown to the world!!! 🙂 🙂

imgres-23      imgres-25     imgres-26 imgres-28     imgres-27

Well, this is what i would do if a zombie apocalypse happened. You better be thinking fast guys, or they might come back to attack you. Mua ha ha!!!! >:) :0

( just so you know…if this really happened, I would not survive. My story would be the end. 😦 )

2 Vacation Spots I Would Like to go to!!!

1) My first vacation spot I would like to go to is Italy!! It would be really cool to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Also, I would like to see Venice while it lasts. I could visit lots of places. There could be some games going on like a race or something that I could watch!!

imgres-18        imgres-19           search

2)  My second one ,( and possibly last one), I would go to the beach. It’s like the most relaxing place. I love being in the water and the waves pushing us. The sand is warm and we can do lots of stuff over there. Also, there are funnel cakes which are DELISH!!!

imgres-22    imgres-21                                                                      imgres-20

These are some spots that I would like to go on my vacation. You should try going to these places too. Who knows?? It might be fun!!! 🙂